MySQL Linux install: Stupid Laptop

by Mark Nielsen
Copyright 2021

This is not going to be a full installation tutorial. Its just how I installed Linux Mint on my laptop. I had problems. I will leave the normal full installation steps to the normal webpages. I felt it was important to record this stupidity.
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Stupid Laptop

Of course most laptop makers mostly ignore Linux which makes life hard for real computer geeks. Here is the stuff I had to do.
  1. Downloaded ISO :
  2. Windows, right clicked on ISO and burned DVD.
  3. In laptop, pressed f12 to get to the configuration of the laptop.
  4. Changed to boot off of DVD first. Then change the storage controller from RAID to the other one. Why have raid on a single disk laptop when 99.9% of laptops never use raid, I don't know. Turned off the secure boot.
  5. Now Windoze won't boot. It was probably because I disabled raid. I undid everything but keep secure boot off.
  6. Realized in Linux Mint installation I had to turn of Windows Bit Locker, which I can turn back on probably after installation.
  7. Undid almost everything but safe boot in the BIOS.
  8. Windows is now the default, but I can select single boot off the DVD in the future.
  9. Got into Windoze and turned off bitlocker. But this took a while to decrypt everything. It took hours to decrypt.
  10. I went back to turn off VMD config and used the older hard drivers. This made Windows non bootable. To heck with it. I will just delete the partitions. I wasted all that time doing deryptiong.
  11. Linux Mint didn't have the drivers to use VMD for storage, so I went back to the old driver configuration on he BIOS.
  12. Installed Linux Mint. Blew away windows.
I could have done the Ubuntu Mate install, but it wouldn't run, It was very slow. Also, you have to choose a good password for LinuxMint or it might not set the password and you won't be able to login in.

Here is a trick to take care of the password.